Forty Mile Rail Inc. (FMR) commenced operations September 1st, 2016, operating as a short line railroad pursuant to the Alberta Railway Act


FMR was established to provide its shareholders with a vehicle to acquire the assets comprising the CP Stirling Spur between Mileage 81.20 (near Stirling) to Mileage 34.40 (near Foremost) length 46.80 miles, 75.32 kilometres. .FMR offers its clients a reliable, lower cost, quality freight transportation service between Foremost and the junction with CP near Stirling. FMR has been created as a Alberta corporation with its head office in Foremost, Alberta.

FMR will primarily transport agricultural products from its catchment area to the exchange facility with CP at Judson Flats, MP 81.20. FMR has loading tracks at Foremost and Skiff; however, individuals may load cars at any location on the line, with the approval and assistance of FMR's management team.





Southern Grain Exchange Ltd.

605 1st Avenue West

Firemost, AB T0K 0X0

Southern Grain Exchange (SGE) is the primary grain handling facility for FMR, located at Foremost with the capacity to load 100 car or greater unit trains.


Foremost Grain Exchange


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Forty Mile Rail Inc.

114 Main Street

Box 186

Foremost, AB  T0K 0X0

Larry Robinson

(403) 892-7316



Southern Grain Exchange

601 1st Avenue West

Box 186

Foremost, AB  T0K 0X0

Blayne Dixson

(403) 647-1600